Catch Him And Keep Him If You Can

Catch Him If You Can

If you have spent any time looking for reading material on matters of the heart, you will have no doubt seen countless articles teaching men to understand women and apply this knowledge in their quest to catching their idea woman.

We come from an era where men were supposed to be the “chasers” and it was very much up to them to do exactly that!

But in the past decades, the book has certainly been re-written on this and it is now common for women to do their own chasing.

Is there a dating advice for women out there that would teach them not only how to catch a man, but to keep him as well?  This is what I will be exploring in this articles which very much gives dating advice that makes sense, and is known to work for every woman who really want to get him and keep him.  So hold on tight and read on.

Men are as much a puzzle to women as women are a puzzle to men. Although men are very often straightforward and grounded, this does not mean that they are entirely predictable. Far from it. Just as women often speak in body language, understanding men will be hugely be helped if women will learn how to read male non-verbal signals.

The Character of Men

Men’s character makeup is defined by two main roles: being a Provider and a Protector. Not by choice but by birth, society has imposed on the male specie these two roles so that the character makeup of any individual male will hugely be defined by how one reacts in conformity or in contradiction to these roles.

It is also a cultural formative reaction to these roles that the proverbial masculine stereotype male was conceived. Unemotional, unfeminine, tough and aggressive, selfish, achiever, aloof, sexual, and homophobic. We see a lot of these in Hollywood and in our neighborhoods. Experts have pointed that these characterization have unjustly labeled males, completely disregarding their unique individual development.

All these have to be learned by women. Dating advice for women and feminist write-ups have both tackled the subject of male character. However an extensive discussion wherein women are given necessary tips and orientation on the male character in such a way that it is applicable everyday is very rare.

Psyching Your Men

Men maybe have fast hands but they are mostly very slow into commitment. Women need to accommodate men’s gradual transition from independence into commitment. Forcing men to commit at a time they are not prepared yet will later create problems that could have been avoided with patience.

If one must push her man to something, it is good idea to employ variety during bonding times. From simple variations with clothes to date activities. This will make men feel you already have so much experience together thereby creating a sense of affinity that may well lead to a more serious relationship.

Catch Him and Keep Him

While men’s issues on women are mostly focused on getting them, women’s concern about men is keeping them. Indeed the real challenge for women is not really having men in their lives but getting them to stay.

It is said that men are naturally promiscuous. Behavioral scientists negate this theory but confirm that the male specie has the more proclivities to be tentative on a relationship especially if it is made at the backdrop of ambition and social status.

The Christian Carter Advice

There is a new course offered online that can once and for all address female ignorance about the male specie. It is called Catch Him and Keep Him by Christian Carter. Register and be taken into new maturity and awareness about male individuality. Who knows this will be the shakeup everyone we need to jolt our lives forward.