Christian Carter: Catch Him And Keep Him

Catch Him & Keep Him
Here is one for the ladies! Is there such a thing as knowledge that would enable a wife or girlfriend to be able to get her man and also keep him? Everywhere we look nowadays, the internet is filled with informational products targeting men and teaching them how to “double their dating” be successful on their first date, tricks they can learn to make themselves so attractive to their potential female partners that she might not be able to resist their charm!

But what about us women? Are we so perfect that we don’t need anyone to tell us how to be successful with our men? Dating tips for women that we can use, even if we are supposed to know it all?

I was sitting in a café the other day, enjoying my daily cup of espresso with some of my girls when the subject of conversation inevitably turned to men? We appeared so lost for words as to why we were alone, in a bad relationship, with someone who didn’t seem to care that it dawned on me that on the topic of uncertainly, we, women have nothing to be “jealous” about! We are just as lost as men and we could do with all the dating help we can get.

Catch Him & Keep Him
And thus it was that we turned to our next best friend: our Smartphone, scouring the internet in search of all elusive program that would teach us what we needed to know: How To Get Him And Keep Him! And as we were going from one site to another, with the appropriate giggles and the all important coffee refills, we stumbled upon a program that ticked all the appropriate boxes.

It wasn’t a free of course but enterprising as we were we put some money together and purchased the course. “Let’s see what it does!” we said, more or less certain that we had just wasted our money!

I am on day 10 of the course. Whilst I can say that all what I have read, I could have found for myself, it is actually comforting to realize that in terms of dating and relationship, sometimes it pays to have someone repeat the obvious. Extricate the ridiculous from the really important information. And as I progress through my learning experience, I can feel certain adjustments in the way I talk to men and I have to say that they are all reacting to me in exactly the same way as the book predicted.

I am not saying that this is a dating bible, and without it women would stand fewer chances of being happily engaged in a flourishing relationship with their spouses, but in the scope of things, where it is so very easy to lose track of what is important, Get him and keep him certainly helps keeping us grounded so that we can make the most of our natural ability to attract and seduce. In that respect, it is worth every penny!