Examining Prevalent Themes That Are Most Frequently Employed In Bedding For Children

There is a wide range of bedding themes available in bedding for children. The access that the internet offers means that these designs are readily available to parents. This article considers the these that have proven to be most popular for girls and boys bedding and looks at options that are suitable for both sexes.

Themes for boys

In the early 80s the use of the duvet began spreading throughout Europe and soon after we saw the introduction of football related duvet covers and pillows. The themed bedding, as with the actual game, has remained a popular choice and continues to sell very well. Whilst there are other themes that sell fairly well, such as basketball and cricket, football remains the most dominant sport. Another traditional theme that has always been linked with boys involves the use of geometric patterns, shapes and lines.

Girls designs

The use of reds and pinks has always been popular in the designs of bedding for girls. So we tend to see designs that depict cartoon characters, pop stars and perhaps dolls, but which heavily rely on these colours. The use of animals is another popular theme, with kittens and ponies often making an appearance. Or if you are looking to create a really girly feel in your daughter’s room then you could go for floral designs, with many current designs giving a much more modern vibe than previously offered by flowers.

The unisex route

It may be that in some circumstances you need a theme that suits both girls and boys. This would tend to be for grandparents who want to have their spare room welcoming for when their various grandsons or granddaughters stay over. Great options here are things such as music motifs, maybe incorporating a guitar or some musical notes. Or cultural themes can often be a good idea, like adding the feel of the Amazon with some rainforest bedding, or a taste of Egypt with hieroglyphic designs.